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What is MyCare Technologies?

MyCare Technologies is a personalized behavioral health platform that provides immediate assessments and counseling anywhere, anytime. It works for patients, providers, first responders, case managers and more to access licensed, professional mental health professionals anytime, anywhere.

The primary feature is a large crisis button on a tablet that connects instantly to a CCBHC (Certified Community Behavioral Health Center) where users can visit with a licensed mental health professional, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner or recovery support specialist.

MyCare Technologies works along with concurrent documentation and solution analytics to measure patient outcomes and treatment plans. MyCare is a private, secure, HIPAA-compliant resource.

MyCare Technologies in the Hands of Law Enforcement

Oklahoma law enforcement distribute the tablets to its officers, enabling them to link individuals in crisis with mental health services directly in the field. Utilizing MyCare Technologies facilitates individuals in crisis to engage in video consultations with mental health professionals around the clock.

MyCare Technologies has been proven to do the following:

  • Has saved law enforcement hundreds of hours
  • Has saved thousands of dollars in transportation costs and overtime pay
  • Decrease in crisis calls to 911
  • Decrease in hospital admissions

MyCare Technologies in the Hands of Patients

By partnering with community health providers and equipping high-risk patients with the technology, we are able to provide behavioral healthcare in the least restrictive environment possible.

When a CCBHC  discharges a patient with a tablet, the continuum of care is increased and maintained through telehealth visits.

The use of MyCare Technologies helps with the following:

  • Decreases inpatient hospitalization stays
  • Continues ongoing treatment through virtual appointments
  • Is beneficial to patients living in rural areas
  • Allows the patient to make a crisis call themselves

MyCare Technologies in the Hands of CCBHCs and Providers

CCBHCs hold a distinctive position as a fundamental component in the nation’s emerging crisis response system, alleviating the pressures on 911 operators, law enforcement personnel, and emergency departments.

The CCBHC model requires measurable, data-backed outcomes.

  • Real-time treatment plans
  • Increases outpatient utilization
  • Increases client collaboration
  • Saves mental health providers time
  • Ability to monitor progress within modalities

To read more about the evidence of effective outcomes with MyCare Technologies, please click here.