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Patient Guide for MyCare Technologies

This patient guide for MyCare Technologies will help get you get familiar with the options available on your tablet. If at any time you need to reference the patient guide again, visit, or click here to download.

MyCare iPad screen

Your MyCare app will display your name at the top of the screen.

In the middle you’ll find “My Calendar” for upcoming appointments, “My Team”, “My Documents”, and “My Assignments” which will come from your mental health provider.

What to do in a Mental Health Emergency

MyCare iPad screen
Start Crisis Call

MyCare Technologies is equipped with a large, red crisis button at the bottom of the screen.

If you feel as though you are having a mental health emergency, press the large “Start Crisis Call” button and you’ll be connected to a mental health professional.

My Calendar

MyCare iPad Calendar

Your appointments can be found under “My Calendar”. You can view upcoming appointments by Month, Week or Day.

  • By pressing on an appointment, details will be displayed in a box.

  • To add an appointment or calendar reminder, press the “+” button at the top right of the screen.

  • To return to the Home page, press “Back”.

My Team

MyCare My Team

You can message your providers by clicking on “My Team” on the homepage. Choose the team member you would like to message and press “Leave a note”. Your provider will receive your message and call you back.

My Documents

My Documents on iPad

Once a document is sent to you, the document will show on your homepage under My Documents”.

After clicking on “My Documents”, you will then be able to fill out the different documents and send them back to your health provider.

My Assignments

MyCare My Assignments

“My Assignments” can be found on the homepage. You will be able to fill out different assignments sent to you by your mental health provider.

Download Patient Guide for MyCare Technologies

To download the patient guide for MyCare Technologies, please click here.

Useful Tips
  • Keep the tablet charged
  • Keep the tablet nearby
  • Keep your appointments