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How thousands of iPads have helped police with de-escalation in Oklahoma

Mindy Ragan Wood | Oklahoma Voice
Published 1:56 p.m. CT Nov. 13, 2022

Lt. Gene Bradley with the Oklahoma County Sheriff”s Office works as the mental health coordinator and demonstrated the MyCare Technologies iPad. Carly Rae Van Zant/MyCare Technologies

Oklahoma County sheriff’s Deputy Gene Bradley stared down the reality that an armed man who threatened to end his life might die like so many others experiencing a mental health crisis.

But on that fall day in 2021, Bradley had a tool that would make a difference — an iPad that quickly connected the man to a mental health professional.

After a virtual visit with a counselor, the man who threatened to take his life decided to get help instead.

“That de-escalated the situation right then,” Bradley said. “That was a pretty intense situation where that tablet was a great intervention.”

Law enforcement and clinicians say the (MyCare Technologies) iPads distributed by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services have been a game changer in delivering services across the state.

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