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Smart, Seamless Solutions

MyCare delivers a fully integrated suite of services that empowers users to communicate across multiple devices, document patient calls, analyze patient needs, incorporate lab results, develop and communicate long-term treatment plans, and track patient follow-up. Together, MyCare solutions free personnel to focus on their primary job responsibilities—whether public safety, education, or medical care—while still delivering competent, compassionate behavioral health support to those who need it.


MyCare is built to go anywhere
MyCare is the only HIPAA-compliant clinical health software provider than can deliver the following critical services and/or features in a single, mobile platform across virtually any device and with any number of users.

  • Video Documentation
  • Multiple Platform EMR Integration
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • GPS Tracking (real time locator)
  • Battery Status updates of iPads
  • Configurable Crisis Hunt Groups
  • Working with multiple CMHC or CCBHC’s
  • Provide Data Analytics
  • Integrate with First Responders
  • Work as a stand-alone system
  • Appointment Reminders and view in an embedded calendar
  • Assign and push Patient Clinical Healthcare Homework
  • Video conference with most any patient Mobile Phone device

MyCare Connect

MyCare Connect gives clinicians an expanded, secure connection to mobile devices
MyCare Connect works exclusively with the MyCare Professional iPad App, allowing providers to create a secure, HIPAA compliant, video call with virtually

  • Anyone
  • Anywhere
  • Anytime
  • On any mobile device (phone, tablet or computer)

Once the MyCare Professional App is installed on a staff member’s iPad that member can place a video call with any patient with

  • The ability to receive text messages
  • A web browser


Data makes the difference
The MyCare Analytics Support System (MASS) provides your organization with detailed, efficient, and actionable charts, dashboards, and reports that allow your staff to analyze trends, outliers, processes, and outcomes at a global or individual patient level.
MASS can integrate with multiple EMR systems, pharmacy systems, and laboratories and consolidates data to provide the most detailed and accurate analysis of patient care models and associated outcomes.
This support delivers other measurable analytics that aid in outcome assessments. These assessments are critical for CCBHC’s required to provide data and enhance efficiencies for the population of patients they manage.

Other metrics can include:

  • Adult BMI Screening and Follow-up
  • Weight Assessment for Children and Adolescents
  • Tobacco Use Screening and Cessation Intervention
  • Unhealthy Alcohol Use Screening and Brief Counseling
  • Adult Major Depressive Disorder Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Depression Remission at 12 months
  • Population Health Management Measurements
  • Unique Patients Served
  • Unhealthy BMI

MyCare Complete adds long-term lab-tracking
While not essential for MyCare’s crisis intervention services, MyCare Complete adds the ability for providers to tracks lab measurements over time, so that patients with unhealthy or dangerous results can receive timely and appropriate follow-up.

Lab Results provide context
MyCare’s assessment and diagnostic tools can integrate lab results across populations. This enables providers to place individuals in a larger context and assist them in treatment plan development.