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How Oklahoma Law Enforcement is Using MyCare Technologies

Law Enforcement Crisis Response in Oklahoma

Antonio Porter, Chief of Police, Mounds Police Department

In the heart of Oklahoma, law enforcement agencies are embracing innovative solutions to address the growing need for mental health crisis intervention.  One such solution, MyCare Technologies, is transforming how officers respond to mental health emergencies, particularly in rural areas where resources are often limited. By leveraging this powerful tool, law enforcement can connect individuals in crisis with licensed medical professionals, reducing unnecessary hospital transports and in-patient hospitalizations. Transforming crisis response in Oklahoma is central to the mission of MyCare Technologies

The Challenge in Rural Oklahoma

Rural areas across Oklahoma face unique challenges in providing adequate mental health care. Limited personnel, vast distances, and scarce resources often leave law enforcement officers as the first—and sometimes only—responders to mental health crises. These officers, while highly trained in public safety, are not always equipped with the specialized skills needed to address complex mental health issues.

The traditional response to a mental health crisis often involves transporting the individual to the nearest hospital, which can be hours away. This not only strains law enforcement resources but also places an additional burden on hospitals and can be a traumatic experience for the individual in crisis.

Key Benefits of MyCare Technologies

MyCare Technologies provides a game-changing approach to these challenges. By equipping law enforcement with a MyCare Technologies iPad, officers have the tools to facilitate real-time, HIPAA-compliant video calls between the individual in crisis with a professional from a nearby Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs).

1. Immediate Access to Professional Help

Through MyCare, law enforcement officers can quickly initiate video calls with mental health professionals when they encounter someone in a mental health crisis. This immediate access ensures that individuals in crisis receive expert evaluation and intervention without delay.  This timely support aids in crisis response initiatives that can de-escalate situations that might otherwise result in hospitalization. .

2. Saves Law Enforcement Time and Money

In rural areas where law enforcement agencies often operate with limited personnel, MyCare helps optimize resource allocation. On-site assessments through a face-to-face video chat allows mental health professionals to conduct as assessment and evaluation on the individual. This often reduces the need for long and resource-intensive hospital transports. This efficiency allows officers to remain in their communities, ready to respond to other emergencies.

3. Reduces Hospitalizations

By providing access to professional mental health evaluations on the spot, MyCare significantly reduces the number of unnecessary hospital transports. Individuals can receive the care they need within their community, minimizing the disruption to their lives and reducing the strain on hospital emergency departments. Furthermore, MyCare has been proven to reduce inpatient hospitalizations and ER visits.

4. Helps De-escalate Crisis Situations

The presence of a mental health professional can help in building trust and rapport with the individual in crisis. With expert guidance and timely mental health support, the need for physical restraint or force is minimized. This helps in de-escalating the situation without resorting to actions that could potentially worsen the crisis.

5. Enhanced Collaboration with CCBHCs

MyCare fosters stronger collaboration between law enforcement and CCBHCs. This partnership ensures that individuals in crisis are connected with comprehensive care plans, tailored to their needs.  The seamless communication facilitated by MyCare enables a continuum of care that extends beyond the immediate crisis.

Real-World Impact

MyCare is part of the crisis response continuum of care system with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS) and provides integrated technology to aid in crisis intervention. Since implementing MyCare Technologies and equipping police with MyCare iPads, this mental health initiative has saved the government $62 million. This has not only improved outcomes for individuals but also enhanced the overall efficiency and effectiveness of law enforcement operations.

Looking Ahead

The success of MyCare Technologies in Oklahoma highlights the potential for innovative solutions to transform mental health crisis response nationwide. Oklahoma has become the first state to full transition to the CCBHC model by serving all counties with a no-wrong door approach. As more law enforcement agencies adopt this technology, the benefits will continue to grow, creating safer communities and better outcomes for individuals in crisis.

Join the Movement

MyCare Technologies is committed to supporting law enforcement and mental health professionals in their mission to provide compassionate, effective care. If you are a member of a law enforcement agency or a mental health provider, we invite you to explore how MyCare can enhance your efforts.

To learn how MyCare can benefit your community or to schedule a product demo, contact Bryan Sample at

Endorsed by Law Enforcement In Oklahoma

  • Immediate Access to Professional Help
  • Saves Law Enforcement Time and money
  • Reduces Unnecessary Hospitalizations
  • Helps De-escalate Crisis Situations
  • Enhanced Collaboration with CCBHCs

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Carly Rae Van Zant