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GENNA CALLAHAN | 405 Magazine
Published November 30, 2022

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In a groundbreaking move to enhance the quality of care for Veteran clients, GRAND Mental Health has announced the implementation of empathetic and respectful communication practices.  Intending to provide a better experience for its clients, GRAND has updated its screening practices and continues its passion for offering veteran-trained doctors.

To ensure veterans receive specialized care, self-identifying veterans will now have the opportunity to connect with a GRAND behavioral health professional trained in veteran trauma or a GRAND clinician who is also a veteran. This personalized approach recognizes the unique challenges that veterans may face and aims to provide a supportive environment for their mental health needs.

Larry Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of GRAND Mental Health, said, “As a veteran myself, I want our veterans to know how much we appreciate all they have done to serve our country. I also understand their experiences and traumas are different from many others and, sometimes, it’s easier to talk with someone who has had similar experiences or can understand what they’re going through.”

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Carly Rae Van Zant