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What Is MyCare Technologies?

Hunter Hogan holding MyCare Technologies tablet

MyCare Technologies (MyCare) is a personalized behavioral health platform that allows users to communicate across multiple devices, document calls, analyze patient needs, review labs results, develop and communicate long-term treatment plans, and track patient follow-up.

MyCare is primarily delivered on tablets to patients, providers, first responders, case managers and more to access licensed, professional mental health professionals anytime, anywhere.

The primary feature is a large crisis button on a tablet that connects a person instantly to a licensed mental health professional, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner or recovery support specialist.

MyCare works along with concurrent documentation and solution analytics to measure patient outcomes and treatment plans. The tablet is a private, secure, HIPAA-compliant resource.

MyCare Technologies in the Hands of Law Enforcement

By equipping law enforcement officers with MyCare tablets, it allows them to connect individuals in crisis with a mental health provider through a face-to-face video call. The HIPAA-compliant video call allows the individual in crisis to be assessed and evaluated by a mental health provider to determine the best level of care.

Historically, it has been law enforcement who would encounter someone experiencing a mental health crisis, which typically resulted in inpatient hospitalizations and emergency room visits. This cost law enforcement thousands of dollars and hours of Tim.

MyCare Technologies has been proven to do the following:

  • Saves law enforcement hundreds of hours
  • Saves thousands of dollars in transportation costs and overtime pay
  • Decrease in crisis calls to 911
  • Decrease in hospital admissions
To read more about the use of MyCare Technologies with law enforcement, please click here.

MyCare in the Hands of CCBHCs and Providers

CCBHCs hold a distinctive position as a fundamental component in the nation’s emerging crisis response system, alleviating the pressures on 911 operators, law enforcement personnel, and emergency departments. The integration with multiple EMR systems, pharmacy systems, and laboratories provides the most detailed and accurate analysis of patient care models associated with outcomes.

MyCare delivers other measurable analytics that aid in outcome assessments. These assessments are critical for CCBHC’s required to provide data and enhance efficiencies for the population of patients they manage.

The CCBHC model requires measurable, data-backed outcomes.

  • Real-time treatment plans
  • Increases outpatient utilization
  • Increases client collaboration
  • Saves mental health providers time
  • Ability to monitor progress within modalities

MyCare empowers CCBHCs to focus

  • Provide Data Analytics
  • Integrate with First Responders
  • Work as a stand-alone system
  • Appointment Reminders and view in an embedded calendar
  • Assign and push Patient Clinical Healthcare Homework
  • Video conference with most any patient Mobile Phone device

To read more about the evidence of effective outcomes with MyCare, please click here.

MyCare in the Hands of Patients


Using MyCare for behavioral telehealth can improve outcomes for patients, increase access to care for individuals without transportation or those in rural areas, and decrease the need for inpatient hospitalizations. MyCare allows access to care in the least restrictive environment possible.

Should a CCBHC decide to discharge a patient with a MyCare tablet, the continuum of care is maintained through telehealth visits

The patient tablet’s primary feature is a large crisis button, allowing the individual to connect to a provider should they find themselves in another mental health crisis. The patient tablet also displays a calendar of upcoming appointments, assignments, and documents sent to them by their provider.

The use of MyCare  helps with the following:

  • Decreases inpatient hospitalization stays
  • Continues ongoing treatment through virtual appointments
  • Is beneficial to patients living in rural areas
  • Allows the patient to make a crisis call themselves


MyCare Technologies Works


MyCare works as a crisis intervention tool for law enforcement, a data-driven tool for CCBHCs, and a behavioral telehealth tool for patients in need of treatment when it’s needed most.

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